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Feeling down? Need a dose of something to make you feel better? Don’t pop a Valium. Have a dose of the best medicine you can find–MUSIC!

Research has proven that music can be healing. It’s used in hospitals across the country to heal patients or alleviate their symptoms. And though the research and current practices may be new, music has been used as therapy through the ages.

Al Farabi who lived from c.872-c.950, wrote about music’s cosmic qualities and discussed the therapeutic effects of music on man’s soul.

And it can help people of all ages,

  • An hour of music a day helps premature babies to sleep and eat more and gain more weight. Music is soothing and softens their environment.
  • Students–no matter what their age–can study better with peaceful, harmonious background music (especially classical such as Mozart) which helps them focus and can reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Dementia patients who may not recognize family members or remember what you just said, will respond to an old familiar song such as Amazing Grace and be able to sing every note and every word. (In a recent news story you may have seen a man singing this through the window with his elderly mother–made me cry.) 

A 17th century scholar, Robert Burton, argued in “The Anatomy of Melancholy” that music is critical in treating mental illness.  We know today it can help with pain management, reduce blood pressure, improve concentration and enhance learning.

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So today, as we face fear evoked by the Corona Virus, worry over loved ones beyond our reach, and the boredom and depression of being home-bound is getting to us, perhaps we should put on some headphones and escape with a musical interlude. Maybe we can change that helpless, restless, lonely, and confused mindset shown on the left to the peaceful, relaxed, thankful, and happy one shown on the right.









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