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The consensus on social media seems to be that 2016 was a terrible year–the worst!  People go on and on about how horrible it was, and many friends are quick to agree in the comments.

But was it really? Was it really all bad? I don’t think so.

Actually, I think it was pretty darned great! And no, I am not living some charmed life totally different from everyone else’s. I will not apologize for disagreeing with the majority of people about this either.

Did anything bad happen in my life during 2016? Of course! But was it all bad? Hell no!

Okay, so what was so bad about it? Well, there were the political campaigns and the ever-present, never-ending news coverage. Yeah, you’ll get no argument from me on that topic… that was bad.

There were terrorists wreaking havoc all over the world. There’s certainly no denying the horror of that. And yes, there were fires, floods, tornadoes, and all the tragedy they left behind. Some people lost property. Some lost all they owned. Worst of all, many lost people they loved.

So, wasn’t it a terrible year? I must be crazy to talk about such events then say it was a good year, right? Okay, maybe I am–but isn’t it all about focus. I think it is, or it should be. It is for me.

If I choose to focus only on the devastation covered on the evening news, I would have to agree with all those sad lamentations on social media. But I am choosing to look away from the TV–away from the anger and hatred reported daily.

I choose to look closer to home. I look at my husband, my three sons, and my beautiful grandchildren who are all in good health with nothing more than the occasional stomach bug or ear infection. My great-great-nephew, Alexander, who has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1), celebrated his second birthday in 2016 beating the odds and soon to start a medication that could help him.

I also look at the fun my husband and I had traveling to three different countries and the wonderful, friendly people we met all along the way. I look at the goodness in all the people I know.

I look back on all the times I had family surrounding me and the big, warm, wonderful hugs that said more about love than words ever could.

I am blessed, not by what has happened around me, but by awareness of all that is good in my life.

So, did you really have a bad year, or did you have some really bad–maybe horrible–days scattered throughout the year? Can you look back and remember some of the better days? The better moments?

More importantly, will you see them in 2017?

I wish you vision to see all that is good in your life, all that is good around you.



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