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Tiger Terror

Tempest tears into flesh of lives like tigers teeth
Into carcass of deer…shredding its frame
Gorging itself with the very heart,
Eating up lives and leaving a jungle with
Remains to be scavenged by starving spirits.

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As spring arrives with birds in flight,
I’m rescued from long winter night.
A new day dawns, and new life thrives
With birds in flight as spring arrives.

My spirit soars with joyful heart
As winter coats of fur depart,
And freely I can go outdoors
With joyful heart my spirit soars.

Long summer days, time to relax
Smell sea and sand and surfboard wax
Refreshing me, clearing the haze…
Time to relax, long summer days.

As autumn comes and leaves will fall
A lovely time ‘fore winter’s call,
I savor days before cold numbs,
And leaves will fall as autumn comes.

With winter’s hold my wait begins
For spring’s relief to come again.
So as I just endure the cold,
My wait begins with winter’s hold.

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For Haiku Heights prompt #43 – Heal

Wounds of childhood

bound with gauze of guilt

unable to heal

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So many angry words

Are shouted through tears into

Ears of innocence in miniature mortal,

Through portals, to the core of

Metamorphosing young, warping development,

Predicting perseveration of debasement.

Toxic tyranny begets years of torment…

A son cries in fear

As bellowing frightens and confuses,

And father abuses the one who nurtures,

Who’s the only protection, till she

Needs protecting, not able to shelter

Her young from witnessing ugliness

From growing and learning

What a family is and how it lives

Toxic tyranny begets years of torment…

Teenage boy coercing girl, reliving

Lessons learned in home schooling

From first teacher, man of anger,

Molded in his image, growing to be

Fashioned in father’s form

No escaping prevalent storms within.

Toxic tyranny begets years of torment… 

G. K. Bostic – 5/12/11

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Haiku Heights prompt #42 is ‘Poison’


Spiteful poison pen

Crushes blooming artistry

Quelling potential





Acrostic Only prompt – write an acrostic haiku for “ire”


In fury spring storm’s

rage ruins family’s lives

evoking despair




Acrostic Only prompt 1 – Single word lines for “Wings”









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Carry On Tuesday Prompt # 104:  Use all or part of the following lines from Nicholas Breton’s poem, “Phillida and Coridon”:
In the merry month of May
In a morn by break of day


Gone the somber days of gray
In the merry month of May
Gone the gloomy ashen skies
Replaced by sun and butterflies

Called by smell of sweet bouquet
In a morn by break of day
I wandered into blossomed field
Allowed my being to be healed

As I shed winter’s cocoon
Knowing it would end too soon
I reveled in the scent and sight
Till morn had morphed to early night.

G. K. Bostic – 5/8/11

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