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I  see it in the mirror,
I see it in my face,
The calendar has carved
The passing of my days.

Reflected in the mirror
Are signs of years gone by,
But there behind reflection
A young girl lives inside.

I see it in the mirror

I see it in my eyes
A wisdom gained by trials
And experience and time.

I see it in the mirror
I see it in the lines
The marks of love and joy

That smiles have left behind.

I see it in the mirror
I see it in my face
The days and years gone by
A precious gift of grace.

2011 – G. K. Bostic

Morning Illusion

Morning illusion

Between sleep and wakefulness

Unreal melody

Song of the night now departs

Leaving dawn of confusion

They Have Arrived!

So, if you’ve been waiting for a signed copy of Whispered Warnings, Book 2 of the Whispering Art Series, they have finally arrived.

Just contact me by email, text or FB message, and we can schedule a time/place for me to get it to you.

For those who will need it mailed to you, I should be able to get them to the post office by Tuesday.

I can’t wait to get this book in your hands and to hear back from you on how much you love it!

Of course it is also still available on Amazon.

Whispered Warnings

The Wait is Over!

Yes, for all you wonderful readers who read the final page of Watercolor Whispers, closed the book, and began asking when I would have Book 2 for them…


Book Two of the Whispering Art Series

Mia Reed’s artwork is a gift from a higher power and holds clues that help solve mysteries.

Detective Ronald Bishop, the man she loves, is desperate to find his twin sister who disappeared fifteen years ago. But in the meantime he’s lured to follow Mia to her hometown, where a clinical psychologist has jumped to her death. Or did she? When two more single women suffer the same fate, everyone realizes these are not suicides. A serial killer has invaded their peaceful small town!

Will Mia’s gift help them catch a murderer before he strikes too close to home?

Whispered Warnings is now available on Amazon, OR if you would like an autographed copy, you may preorder, and I should have copies available for you by no later than January 15th.

Oh, and before you ask, Book Three, Waiting for the Whisper, is in the works with planned release by

May 2021.

To all my wonderful readers, I hope you enjoy the read, and I love and appreciate you more than I can say!

Coming Soon!

Book 2 of the Whispering Art Series

Mia Reed’s artwork is a gift from a higher power

And holds clues that help solve mysteries.

Detective Ronald Bishop, the man she loves, is desperate to find

his twin sister who disappeared fifteen years ago. But in the

meantime he’s lured to follow Mia to her hometown, where a clinical

psychologist has jumped to her death. Or did she? When two more

single women suffer the same fate, everyone realizes these are not

suicides. A serial killer has invaded their peaceful, small town!

Will Mia’s gift help them catch a murderer

before he strikes too close to home?

It all started closer to thirty-five years ago when I met this black-belt in karate class.  He was a brute, able to break cinder blocks with his head. Yes, I guess you could say he’s hard-headed. 😉 And when we sparred, I’m sure he could have killed me…


But happily, he fell in love with me instead!

We had quickly become friends, and that friendship gradually developed into so much more. We fell in love. We got married.

And the wonderful thing is, we are still friends.

We have celebrated many anniversaries since then–well this is the thirty-third so I guess that’s obvious;)–and there have been many surprises along the way. Of course there are the kinds of everyday surprises, good and bad, but I think more good than bad, BUT Lee has also given me some special anniversary surprises… Like gathering family and friends at Coombs for our 25th

And then there was the time our bestest friends, Bev Stiffler Smith and Michele and Wendell Harper drove all the way down to the beach to help us celebrate our 30th. I had no idea they were coming until they showed up. These people sure do know how to keep a secret!

Dinner at Sunset Grill

Our thirty-three years of marriage have been filled with fun and adventures, and we’ve traveled to places I never thought I’d see…

South Africa
Cliffs of Moher

The travel has been amazing–neither of us was a world-traveler–but half the fun was in the planning and anticipation. In this our thirty-third year of marriage we had planned trips back to two of our favorite places–Hawaii and South Africa–but we, like everybody else, did not travel this year. We spent all those months together–just the two of us–and that was okay. I was recently thinking how miserable that time could have been if we didn’t get along well–if we didn’t like each other. But we do. Hallelujah!

And I am grateful!

This final picture I will borrow from my husband–who by the way is about half the man he used to be after losing weight and getting so svelte–because this is the perfect then and now.

Happy Anniversary, Lee!

As we headed to our place in Lewes, DE, I texted my sister that we were on the road again, heading to the beach house.

“Have fun!” she said.

HAVE-FUN-edum96-40234363-2105-1000 (1)

Well, I knew there would be lots of work involved–at least for my hubby as he would be installing new flooring–but was sure we’d work in some fun as well.

We arrived late that afternoon, went for the necessary groceries, settled in, and had a good dinner. After dinner, Lee decided to remove a little of the old carpet in a hall closet that backs up to the laundry room.

That’s when the fun began.

I don’t recall his exact words, but it was something like, “Uh-oh!” Much of the floor under the carpet was black–not good. It was obvious there was water damage, and further investigation revealed water had been leaking, probably for years before we purchased the property, and this was not going to be an easy fix.

Our water damage

The next day was a nightmare that began with Lee having to rip out large sections of both the floor and walls in the closet, laundry room, and even a small area of the living room. The more he dug into the problem, the more he saw how much needed to be done to rectify it.

After a trip to Home Depot (which would be the first of many), he began work on fixing the leaks–replacing things like pipe, elbows, couplings, shut-off valves, etc. Step one – Shut off the water. Done!

And the water nightmare began!

With the water SHUT OFF, it continued to flow out of the pipes he was working on. How could that be you say? We were told later that we must have a faulty shut-off valve.


So meanwhile, Lee was faced with the dilemma of repairing, replacing, etc. while water continued to flow. There was much hurried switching and emptying buckets and bowls of water from down under the floor as my husband problem solved and somehow got it done. This was at least two to three hours of craziness.

But my superman husband got it done!


Friday was at least a twelve-hour work day, then finally sitting down to a late dinner and bed about an hour earlier than would be typical for us.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of hammering at 6:20 a.m.

Lee had been up for hours, and work began early and continued for another twelve plus hour day. “Are we having fun yet?” I asked at one point. He said yes, and we both had to laugh. It amazes me the good humor my husband has kept through all this back breaking work. But thank goodness I am married to a Jack-of-all-trades (I swear, he can figure out how to fix anything), and things are looking up.

The floor and walls are almost all rebuilt, and the real work of laying the new luxury vinyl tile flooring will begin today. This will be so much nicer and easier to keep clean than carpet in the beach house. And who knows…

Maybe we’ll even get to the beach one day soon!


So, how’s your weekend going? I’d love to hear.


Backyard Visitors

We have always had birds in our backyard of course, but this summer we have had a wider variety and closer encounters than in the past.

My hubby, Lee, put the birdfeeders closer to the house and keeps them filled and the birds happy. Well not just the birds…

So yes, we have these bushy-tailed guys stealing our birdies’ food every chance they get, but we also have lots of our feathered friends.

The red wing blackbird


Photography by Lee Bostic

The red wing blackbird is one of my new favorites. This guy is one of the most abundant and widely distributed birds in North America and is easily recognized by its black body with a conical red shoulder patch surrounded by yellow in most species. He is quite vocal, and I love his voice.

The bluebird


Photography by Lee Bostic

One of almost everyone’s favorites is the bluebird. They prefer platformed birdfeeders containing mealworms, but we have enjoyed this beautiful visitor who stops by our feeders from time to time.

The downy woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

Photography by Lee Bostic


Male Downy Woodpecker

Photography by Lee Bostic


My husband captured these pictures of a female and a male downy woodpecker. I had never seen this smallest of the woodpeckers before–well I am a city-girl after all–until Lee put this feeder in our yard. I love watching them.

The Cardinal

It’s so pleasant to look up from my writing and see the bright red cardinal, too. His lady friend, though more subdued, is also lovely. Did you know that the colonists named this a cardinal because the red crest reminded them of the Catholic cardinal’s biretta?

There are times when I try very hard to keep my attention on my writing, but then all of a sudden…


I am convinced I’m keeping my neighbors entertained with my squirrel chasing, but what can I say? They can be real little squirrel pigs! And apparently, the word is out because they’re coming in groups now. So I make frequent visits to the door… or out to the deck… or sometimes all the way out in the yard to shoo them away. They no longer scamper away as soon as they see me. As a matter of fact, they sometimes give me a look that says,


“Seriously lady, if you don’t want us to eat it, then why’d you put it here?”

But at this rate, in a few more months he and his friends will probably look like this…


And I don’t want to be responsible for an increase in obesity among the squirrel population.  So I’ll continue in my role as “The Squirrel Chaser” to try to give our birds more opportunities to eat and to pose for my photographer husband and me.

What kind of entertainment are you finding in your backyard this summer? I’d love to hear about it.


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God Bless America - Irving Berlin

God bless America, land that I love
Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above
light from above
From the mountains
Mountains denali-national-park-1733313_1280
to the prairies
Prairie 1200px-Cumulus_Clouds_over_Yellow_Prairie2
To the oceans white with foam
ocean white with foam
God bless America, my home sweet home!
Please pray for our country!

Summer Solstice

What is the solstice? 

Solstice comes from the Latin “solstitium” from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), meaning the sun standing still. It literally means “furthest or culminating point; a turning point.” Now that sounds good to me.

A turning point! I think we’re all ready for one of those.


Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Our summer solstice occurred at 5:43 p.m. on June 20, 2020. If you’re interested in the science behind it, the summer solstice occurs when the Earth’s axial tilt is most inclined toward the sun, at the degree of 23° 26′, its most extreme. Can you imagine being in the Arctic circle where it will mostly stay light from June 19 to June 21?

What does all this mean for us? It means it is summer! It is truly summer! Time to leave our winter habits behind…

“I am summer, come to lure you away from your computer… come dance on my fresh grass, dig your toes into my beaches.” ― Oriana Green

It’s that turning point where we can turn away from the darkness of our winter worries, and look toward the hope of the future. Let the sunlight of hope lift your spirits, clear away the fog, and strengthen your resolve. 


“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” ― St. Francis of Assisi

The following quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald seems to echo what many of us are seeing, feeling, believing…

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

So shall we let our lives begin again with the summer!

Bathe in the light of the sun, do some gardening, watch the birds and listen to their songs, add summer decor to your home, walk on the beach, or do whatever lightens your spirits and brings joy to your heart.

“Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.” ― Kahlil Gibran


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