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A Nation Cries


Another senseless massacre

took twenty-six lives last night.

A small town’s peace destroyed  

by the taking of so many lives,

and a nation cries

The news comes into our homes,

and though we’ve heard it before,

we sit in stunned silence and watch,

hearts breaking for all those who mourn,

and a nation cries

Flags fly low and heads are bowed

In memory of all those lost.

We try to forget such madmen’s acts

but can’t forget their terrible cost

So a nation cries…

Note: After hearing of the horrific tragedy in Texas on the news last night, I cried. I knew I was not alone in shedding those tears for all the lives cut short and loved ones left to mourn. This morning as I worked on my editing, my thoughts were repeatedly interrupted by the phrase, ‘and a nation cries.’ I was finally driven to write this as my way of expressing what I was feeling.  May God bless and comfort all those whose lives were torn asunder by one sick soul.

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