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An etheree is a poetic form of ten lines in which the syllable counts are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

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He lost so much

Sacrificed for us

Gave of his own free will

And changed his life forever

Not losing limbs, but peace of mind

Spending restless nights haunted by dreams

Waking to the nightmare of homelessness.

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Helen Keller Day

By presidential proclamation in 2006, June 27th became a commemorative holiday to celebrate the birth of one of the most influential women of the 20th century, Helen Keller.

Helen was born in 1880, and when she was nineteen months old became seriously ill. Although she survived, the illness left her both deaf and blind and unable to communicate. It wasn’t until she was six years old, with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, that she discovered the world of language.

Her first word was water. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “The Miracle Worker,” you may remember the scene where she finally makes the connection between the word Sullivan is spelling into one of her hands and the feel of the water on the other. Making that connection opened the door to learning the whole world of language.

Patty Duke as Helen Keller

It amazes me that Helen’s first word was water and that in spite of never seeing the sun shining on the sea or hearing the waves crashing on the shore, she loved the smell of the ocean and enjoyed swimming, rowing and sailing.

Imagine never seeing the colors of a glorious sunset. Imagine never hearing a lyrical melody or even the song of a lark. Yet this amazing woman went on to savor life and inspire others throughout her life.

Whatever our own limitations may be, should we really let them limit us?

A friend and fellow writer, Larry Schardt, shared one of Helen Keller’s quotes with which I wasn’t familiar, but I think it’s an excellent one. She said, “No one has the right to consume happiness without producing it.”

Helen Keller – An Inspiration to us all

How can you use the gift of language to produce happiness in your world today and every day?

Just think about it.

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Mia may be waiting for the whisper, but your wait is over!

It’s here! Book Three of the Whispering Art Series is now available on Amazon!


If you’d like a signed copy, the wait will be just a little longer. I should have them for you soon, so just let me know if you’d like me to reserve a copy for you.

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Ellie in Africa

{This is an excerpt from a possible new book. What are your thoughts? I’d really love to know if you would be interested in a romantic suspense novel set in South Africa. Please comment and let me know.}

Ellie stared into space as she ran her fingers up and down the gnawed yellow pencil. It was better than staring at the blank page whose white face mocked her with emptiness. She tapped the pencil point on the page then closed the journal around it and tossed them both on the wicker table by her side. The pale afternoon moon sat all alone in the African winter sky, and with the sun to her back, Ellie sighed her surrender to its warmth.  The writing could wait.

How can I write this silly romance when my true love is Africa?

She opened her eyes, breathed in the freshness, and listened to the silence interrupted only by the distant sounds of birds’ banter. Yet she knew beyond her sight the beautiful beasts were there. Ellie loved the colors of Africa… the colors of wheat and olives and honey and cinnamon…  but they were suddenly interrupted by the gray dance of monkeys just on the other side of the watering hole.

Moments passed before she realized there was another presence. When had the zebra joined them? She strained to see more but dared not move for fear of startling the beautiful beast. Then she saw the movement behind it. Her baby crept closer, still on wobbly legs.

Ellie watched in wonder as the moments passed knowing she was witness to one of Africa’s many gifts. The energy of the smile now lighting her face moved down her arm, and she reached for her journal.

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(A Quatern is a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. It is similar to the Kyrielle and the Retourne. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three, and fourth line of stanza four.)

(Courtesy of Pixabay)

Changing form, wandering by,

bedecking azure sky you fly,

lazily drifting and waving

fleeting greeting to me below

from verdant pasture watching you

changing form, wandering by,

a lion’s mane or unicorn,

entertaining my muse and I.

You warn me of impending storm,

your somber attitude turns gray,

changing form, wandering by,

Thief of sunshine, hiding its glow…

day becomes Cimmerian night,

crying the tears you’ve held inside.

omnipotent chameleon,

changing form, wandering by

(Courtesy of Pixabay)

Gloria Bostic – ©2013

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Seasons Change

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

winter bids adieu

wind blows a bitter goodbye

for tomorrow’s spring

GKB – 3/19/2021

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I  see it in the mirror,
I see it in my face,
The calendar has carved
The passing of my days.

Reflected in the mirror
Are signs of years gone by,
But there behind reflection
A young girl lives inside.

I see it in the mirror

I see it in my eyes
A wisdom gained by trials
And experience and time.

I see it in the mirror
I see it in the lines
The marks of love and joy

That smiles have left behind.

I see it in the mirror
I see it in my face
The days and years gone by
A precious gift of grace.

2011 – G. K. Bostic

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Morning Illusion

Morning illusion

Between sleep and wakefulness

Unreal melody

Song of the night now departs

Leaving dawn of confusion

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They Have Arrived!

So, if you’ve been waiting for a signed copy of Whispered Warnings, Book 2 of the Whispering Art Series, they have finally arrived.

Just contact me by email, text or FB message, and we can schedule a time/place for me to get it to you.

For those who will need it mailed to you, I should be able to get them to the post office by Tuesday.

I can’t wait to get this book in your hands and to hear back from you on how much you love it!

Of course it is also still available on Amazon.

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Whispered Warnings

The Wait is Over!

Yes, for all you wonderful readers who read the final page of Watercolor Whispers, closed the book, and began asking when I would have Book 2 for them…


Book Two of the Whispering Art Series

Mia Reed’s artwork is a gift from a higher power and holds clues that help solve mysteries.

Detective Ronald Bishop, the man she loves, is desperate to find his twin sister who disappeared fifteen years ago. But in the meantime he’s lured to follow Mia to her hometown, where a clinical psychologist has jumped to her death. Or did she? When two more single women suffer the same fate, everyone realizes these are not suicides. A serial killer has invaded their peaceful small town!

Will Mia’s gift help them catch a murderer before he strikes too close to home?

Whispered Warnings is now available on Amazon, OR if you would like an autographed copy, you may preorder, and I should have copies available for you by no later than January 15th.

Oh, and before you ask, Book Three, Waiting for the Whisper, is in the works with planned release by

May 2021.

To all my wonderful readers, I hope you enjoy the read, and I love and appreciate you more than I can say!

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