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Ellie in Africa

{This is an excerpt from a possible new book. What are your thoughts? I’d really love to know if you would be interested in a romantic suspense novel set in South Africa. Please comment and let me know.}

Ellie stared into space as she ran her fingers up and down the gnawed yellow pencil. It was better than staring at the blank page whose white face mocked her with emptiness. She tapped the pencil point on the page then closed the journal around it and tossed them both on the wicker table by her side. The pale afternoon moon sat all alone in the African winter sky, and with the sun to her back, Ellie sighed her surrender to its warmth.  The writing could wait.

How can I write this silly romance when my true love is Africa?

She opened her eyes, breathed in the freshness, and listened to the silence interrupted only by the distant sounds of birds’ banter. Yet she knew beyond her sight the beautiful beasts were there. Ellie loved the colors of Africa… the colors of wheat and olives and honey and cinnamon…  but they were suddenly interrupted by the gray dance of monkeys just on the other side of the watering hole.

Moments passed before she realized there was another presence. When had the zebra joined them? She strained to see more but dared not move for fear of startling the beautiful beast. Then she saw the movement behind it. Her baby crept closer, still on wobbly legs.

Ellie watched in wonder as the moments passed knowing she was witness to one of Africa’s many gifts. The energy of the smile now lighting her face moved down her arm, and she reached for her journal.

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