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Many men serve their countries fighting to preserve freedom and the rights of mankind. My father was one of those men. Well, he was actually more of a boy than a man when he went off to fight in WWII. He fought as a tail-gunner in the Pacific Campaign fighting the Japanese. Yes, he was part of what was known as “The Greatest Generation.”

Not everyone who fought in that war came home with physical wounds. Many came home then, as they do now, with invisible wounds that affected them and those around them for the rest of their lives.

My father, William M. Muhly, lost a lung and a wife (my mother) as a direct result of the war. He contracted tuberculosis while serving and my mother contracted it from him. He survived after a very long stay in a VA hospital and one collapsed lung. However, following a long stay in another sanitarium, my mother lost her battle with the disease leaving a widower with three young children.

biol parents-corrected

I don’t believe my father was ever the same after that, though I obviously don’t know too much about what he was like before the war, before my birth. He may not have led an exemplary life; he may have done some things beyond my understanding, but I know this. As a young man, he put his life on the line to defend this great country and freedom for us all. For that I honor him, and I am proud to say, thank you, Dad.

dad army-corrected

William M. Muhly, Sr. (center)

4/18/1922 – 3/11/2013

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What a great day! Today I accomplished another milestone on my journey as an author. I spoke at Career Day at the elementary school where I once taught, Lincoln Charter School.

The Student Support Manager, Jennifer Dugan, invited me to come and talk to the students about writing. I must admit I was nervous about the prospect and wondered if I was up to the task. Then I had an idea. I invited my friend, author and CEO of Year of the Book Publishing, Demi Stevens, to come with me. Well, that was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself.

We met with three groups of children and spent thirty minutes with each group. I told them about my journey as I’m about to publish my first children’s book and then read them the story. Since they seemed to enjoy The Greatest Aunt, (I even got applause), I promised to come back and share the finished product complete with illustrations this fall.

Then I introduced Demi Stevens. She shared more about the process of becoming a writer and getting published and then read her very own children’s books to them.  They really enjoyed Write Away and Roger, Roger.

I’m so glad I said yes to Jen Dugan’s invitation and look forward to visiting many more schools in the future.


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