Dreams Do Come True

It was only a dream for most of my life. I’m going to write a book! Yes, just a dream… But no, dreams do come true. Watch for it. It’s coming soon. SEPTEMBER 2015 – The GREATEST Aunt – a children’s picture book by G. K. Bostic.

The Greatest Aunt

After a long time away, I am ready to begin blogging in earnest thanks to the inspiration I’ve received through Year of the Book. http://yotbpress.com/authors/demi-stevens/

I owe much to Demi Stevens for the progress I am making toward publishing my first children’s picture book, The GREATEST Aunt which should be out this fall. I am also excited to be working on the second draft of my first novel, a romance that tells of a walk from victim to victory.

Today my goal is to relaunch my blog. Perhaps you will enjoy reading some of my older posts, at least I hope so, and I invite you to follow my progress as I soar to reach my greater goals in the coming months.

The Excitement Grows

In recent months I have become more and more drawn to the idea of writing for children and/or young adults.  As I followed this urge and meandered through oh so many sites, I discovered the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and read on.  It wasn’t long before I realized that this is what I’d been looking for.

I joined the SCBWI, and I attended a Tri-Regional event in Gettysburg in November.  Listening to keynote speakers Patricia MacLachlan, Jim Murphy, and E. B. Lewis I could feel my excitement growing from their inspirational words.

I had started working on a young adult historical novel set in Civil War times, but in a workshop presented by Carolyn Yoder I realized the magnitude of the task I was attempting.  I have not given up on the book, but I realize there is much more research to be done so this will be an ongoing project.

In the mean time, probably most inspired by Patricia MacLachlan, I have chosen to focus on writing for children.  I am currently immersing myself in Picture Books and hope to join the ranks of the many talented authors I’ve been reading.  The “vision board” in my mind has a picture of my grandchildren reading a book dedicated to them.

At the end of this month (January 2012) I will be attending the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York, and I’m sure this conference will be another excellent learning experience, and I will be even more strongly motivated to accomplish my dream of becoming a published author.

Farewell to Mourning Stroll




We walked together, side by side

Through years of tears…


With no escape you followed me

No matter how I tried to turn

From your cold, dark visage

You followed me

With heaviness upon my shoulders

You leaned and whispered callously


     There is no use

     There is no hope

     Give up, be gone, be through


As I leaned on you,

your power grew,

and so I fought

and sought out another

To walk by my side…


And she was hope

And she pushed you away

Until the day you faded

Into memory

   Of that lonely path

      No longer taken.

Garnet Glory


Wrapped in red mist

And gently kissed

By leaves blushing lips

This enchanting encounter


So brief ….

Yet long remembered…


Chased by bitter cold,

Flies into memory’s vault

To be held fast

Until heat’s passion

Tinged with early chill


Sings seasons’

Sanguine refrain

Tiger Terror

Tempest tears into flesh of lives like tigers teeth
Into carcass of deer…shredding its frame
Gorging itself with the very heart,
Eating up lives and leaving a jungle with
Remains to be scavenged by starving spirits.

As spring arrives with birds in flight,
I’m rescued from long winter night.
A new day dawns, and new life thrives
With birds in flight as spring arrives.

My spirit soars with joyful heart
As winter coats of fur depart,
And freely I can go outdoors
With joyful heart my spirit soars.

Long summer days, time to relax
Smell sea and sand and surfboard wax
Refreshing me, clearing the haze…
Time to relax, long summer days.

As autumn comes and leaves will fall
A lovely time ‘fore winter’s call,
I savor days before cold numbs,
And leaves will fall as autumn comes.

With winter’s hold my wait begins
For spring’s relief to come again.
So as I just endure the cold,
My wait begins with winter’s hold.

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