Wow, what a weekend!

Two fun-filled days for readers, writers, family and friends!

Saturday was a blast, but first let’s talk about the Writers Conference we had Friday.


Friday was a day filled with learning, growing, networking, and inspiration. We had workshops about travel writing, writing memoir, the ‘business’ after you’ve done the writing, and even do-it-yourself illustrations for children’s books–just to name a few.

There were two workshops provided by our best-selling author, Maria Snyder. She knows her stuff and generously shared secrets on writing exciting and realistic fight scenes as well as how to creating believable villains.

There was even a panel that provided valuable information and answered all kinds of questions on the mysterious process of becoming a successful writer and what to do once you’ve arrived.  I’d like to say: Laurie Edwards, Lawrence Knorr, Michelle Mioff-Haring, Demi Stevens, and moderator, Don Helin… THANK YOU!

We had six hours’ worth of genius thoughts and copious notes to digest… all in good time.



It was on to the big day, the day we’d all been looking forward to for months. Well, to be perfectly honest, some of us had probably been looking forward to it since the day after last year’s Expo.


Saturday, October 15, 2016 had been circled on our  calendars and counted down to for months. Now it was finally here!

There were tables with an amazing variety of gorgeous displays and lots and lots of hugs as fellow writers greeted each other. Local authors, publishers, editors, and most important of all, lovers of books were everywhere.  There were books for all ages and interests from romance to mysteries, from inspiration to animals, for young and for the more mature. There was even wine tasting… and it was delish!

But the highlight of my day was having this charming six year old sit on my lap and read my very own picture book, The Greatest Aunt, to me.


The wonderful reviews and feedback I’ve received for Out of the Storm are more gratifying than I can say, but it’s moments like these that thrill me beyond my wildest imaginings.

Thank you Demi Stevens of Year of the Book for opening this new world of possibilities to me and to so many others. You are a treasure!

Finally… it’s here!

I am happy to announce the release of my romance novel, Out of the Storm, published April 5, 2016. If possible, I am even more excited than I was when my children’s picture book was published. Thanks to the support of my writing group, my friends and family, and my editor and publisher, Demi Stevens, I have achieved a goal I once thought unattainable. Now I know nothing is impossible.

For those of you who have requested an autographed copy, I can now happily fulfill those requests. I will be scheduling a book signing in the near future and hope to see many of you then.

Out of the Storm is also available in print or for Kindle through Amazon.


What’s Next?

Nearly two weeks after our York Book Expo I am still basking in the afterglow. It was a huge success thanks to all the participating authors, but most of all to organizer, Demi Stevens of Year of the Book Press.

After almost a year of waiting for this special event, one might expect to experience a huge let-down once it was over. However, for me at least, this was not the case. So many wonderful memories were made that day thanks to all those who came out to see us. From the time the doors opened until the realization that we had reached the ending time of five o’clock, I enjoyed visits with wonderful friends, family members, and other book lovers. It was such a joy that I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year. I truly appreciated everyone who helped me celebrate the release of my first children’s picture book, The Greatest Aunt. My only regret was that the time flew by so quickly that I didn’t find time to see many of my fellow authors.

Of course I can’t continue to ride this wave of exhilaration forever, so now what? Well, I certainly don’t plan on stopping here. I anticipate releasing my first novel by December 2015!  Yes, that’s right. My manuscript is with my editor now, and it will most definitely need some revision when I get it back, but I am determined to stick to this timeline. So please watch for updates…it’s coming soon! Oh, what are you watching for, you ask? You’re watching for Out of the Storm!





York Book Expo

I am so excited about our upcoming York Book Expo! This is going to be a great event for the whole family with lots of fun activities for the kids. Our New York Times Bestselling author, David Rosenfelt, will be joined by so many wonderful local authors, and of course I’ll be there signing my own Children’s Picture Book, The Greatest Aunt. I hope to see you there on October 17, 2015!


Save the Date!


On October 17th I will be at the Book Expo along with many other local authors and NY Times Bestseller, David Rosenfelt. I will be signing copies of my children’s picture book, The Greatest Aunt. There will be a children’s activity area and adoptable dogs and cats. It promises to be a fun day! So come on out to Memorial Hall- York Expo Center, and get your autographed copy of The Greatest Aunt for the special little ones in your life.

The Goal is in Sight


The Observer

The boy is probably nine or ten years old, like so many other little boys sprinkled all over the sandy beaches by the sea, but there is something different here. He is watching. Shovel in hand, he stands motionless, looking toward the sea. I can’t see his face, but my eyes are drawn to his stillness. Seconds pass. He digs his shovel into the sand. One shovel full, then two – he pauses – then three.

He turns, looks to his left; seconds pass, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, and back to the displacement of sand. The child stops again, looks left, pause, out to sea, pause, to his right, pause, then turning, looks inland. His gaze lingers, looking past me, perfectly still as seconds pass, one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four. Returning to his labor, three, now four shovels of sand are tossed to the wind before he pauses once more gazing in each direction.

A baseball cap shades eyes that watch, eyes that search. Other children run, squeal, dig, and splash. He also digs, but his focus is not on his labor so much as something beyond.

The hole begins to take shape, an arc, but still he stops and looks. A smile erupts lighting the young face as his arm extends in a wave. He has found what he was searching for. Following his gaze, I see the objects of his excitement; one boy of approximately the same height, another about a head taller, and an older teenage girl. Stillness shattered by laughter…the girl smiles and moves on leaving the young ones to their endeavors.

From green mesh bag filled with plastic rainbow of tools, come two more shovels, pink and yellow, and the team begins to work in earnest, digging, shaping, patting sand to perfection. Their creation takes form and, after briefly admiring the fruits of their labor, the two late arrivals answer the call of the crashing waves.

Some seconds pass; then with one last admiring look, the boy abandons art to attack the rolling foam.

 Beach boy

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